Racer Guide Gloves

Racer Guide Gloves


  • $114.99, Black, S-XL
  • Clarino® Goatskin palm with Knox® SPS scaphoid protectors
  • TPR protectors on top of and in between fingers
  • Stretch panel/flex points along thumbs and fingers
  • Perforated fingers and wrist zones
  • Knox® SPS palm sliders
  • External stitching along finger seams
  • mcFit® Tricot lining technology provides superior comfort and fit
  • Single velcro TPR wrist closure
  • Sample provided by and available to purchase at RacerGlovesUsa.com
  • Review date: May 2018


If you know me, or have read my reviews then you know I'm not a short glove person. But I am a Racer Gloves person. So I have to review these, because I don't trust a lot of awesome, short riding gloves with my hands. I say awesome because they're providing a great volume of protection in a short glove. 

I don't like short gloves because I don't like how vulnerable my wrist coverage is.  I've crashed in my full coverage gloves and I wouldn't have wanted any less. Who ever crashes and says "If only I had on less gear, or had less protection...."? But, I understand wanting shorter gloves for summer riding weather. And if you're going to invest in a good summer glove, I would say should definitely be one of them. There are only 2 women's gloves that offer double palm sliders; (covering your pisiform and scaphoid bones) these and a casual pair from Knox which don't offer any ventilation since they're waterproof.

My previous pair of Racer gloves, crashed and slid on my hands but still reusable... 

My previous pair of Racer gloves, crashed and slid on my hands but still reusable... 

Why is this important? Because chances are *very* high that you will use them if you crash, no matter how slow or fast you're going. ---------->>>>>>>

The Guides also offer far more articulation along your fingers, so when you squeeze your clutch or brake, the gloves will give you the room to bend your fingers and they won't be pushing up against the seams at the fingertips.  

You always want something on your palms to make sure that the leather isn't compromised. You don't necessarily need something plastic, but you do want something to help facilitate sliding because your hands will almost always be used as a natural reflex. 

Another feature that I really like are the external seams. If you look at the fingers, you can see that they've sewn the seams on the outside. That means when your hands are in the glove, you don't feel them inside. It's impossible to go back to an internally stitched glove after you've worn gloves like these. 

The knuckles feature TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) for impact protection so if you're a fan of hard knuckle coverage like carbon fiber, then you may not be thrilled with it. 

But if you don't like how some hard knuckles feel then you'll probably find these easier to wear. I don't notice them at all while riding.  They're just so comfortable due to the combination of external seam stitching and the lighter Clarino® goatskin palms. This makes them breathable yet still maintains abrasion resistance due to the nature of the material. They claim that the fabric has: "Strong abrasion resistance, high tear strength and tensile strength."  I haven't tested this in person, thankfully, but I do trust the reinforced palms and goatskin over the Clarino® to do its job. 


Nylon lining, so you don't feel the leather or the stitching

Nylon lining, so you don't feel the leather or the stitching

There are two things I do notice:

Nylon? Lining - feels 'warm' but ONLY because I'm used to wearing my other High Racer Gloves on a daily basis which have no layers between your palm and the kangaroo leather. So it feels lighter because of that. I'm very spoiled by those gloves, so it's hard for me to wear other styles as a result. I wouldn't call this a negative feature, just something you may or may not notice. Between the two, I simply prefer the other pair as far as the feel.  

Finger Length - They're not so long that I can't ride in them, but they just bug me. So I find myself adjusting them constantly to get the fingers closer to the end of the glove. I can still operate my controls and have great throttle/clutch control but it's distracting and anything that keeps your mind off riding can certainly be a safety issue. I also have shorter fingers and find all gloves to be too long for me. 

I have fairly wide palms (7.25" circumference) and usually can't get my hands in XS gloves because the wrist openings are too tight. With these, a S fits perfectly but I wish I had the finger length of an XS (if they made one). 

Unfortunately these gloves are *not* touchscreen friendly, however. So you'll have to pull over and use your phone when you're off the bike. But they are long finger friendly, so if you need a pair of short summer gloves with longer fingers, these are perfect. Also notice how each finger except the pinkies have accordion stretch zones to give your fingers even more room!

You may also be wondering about wrist coverage. As you can see it's minimal, so you want to rely on your longer sleeve to ensure proper coverage. I'm also wearing my Apple Watch with them which does fit comfortably, I tend to wear my watch a little past my wrist bone. The velcro strap is secure and fits well.

I also found that they didn't stretch out and were ready to go as soon as I put them on the first time. 


My only wish for the next version or an in line change, is to add at least one phone friendly finger on each hand (gotta cover the lefties too!). Personally, I'd like to see more wrist coverage but at the same time the shorter wrist does ensure an easier fit for those of you who have wide palms and have trouble finding gloves to get your hands in.  

Overall, these are really comfortable, easy to wear and a great summer glove option with more protection than just a simple mesh glove. If you already wear High Racer gloves, you might be a little disappointed. But then again, how on earth do you find a women's glove that's able to keep up with those?