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Rebecca, suited for her session with  CLASS

Rebecca, suited for her session with CLASS

She contacted me last Summer (2018) to find a new riding suit for an upcoming track day with CLASS. Rebecca had a Harley and was also new to protective riding gear, as well as track days. She needed something that she could wear not just at this track day event but also in her day to day touring. She was also contemplating a new riding lifestyle as well (her first sportbike). Rebecca was very new to the world of riding gear. She had been wearing a mix of casual, outdoor and motorcycle gear for her jacket, pants and boots. As a cruiser rider, she decided to get her feet wet into the world of sporttouring and her first track days with CLASS.

She also wanted really good protection, with function but not something that was exclusive to track riding. So I suggested the Rev’it Ignition 2 Women’s suit. (There is a version 3 out now which hasn’t changed much from version 2)


  • Chest 38”

  • Waist 34”

  • Hips 43”


At the end, I put her in a Euro 42 jacket and pant. The benefit to this suit is that the leather is track worthy, has mesh panels along the front (abrasion resistant) so she’ll be happy in warm weather. Rebecca’s sizing implied she could do the same size jacket and pants because the difference between her but and waist size is only 5”. If her hip measurement was something closer to 46-47”, then I definitely would have suggested a 44 pant. The fitment on this jacket also had more than enough room in the chest as well. If she had a stronger preference for a tighter fit in the jacket, she could’ve easily sized down to Euro 40. But her comfort level was set at one size up, which was totally reasonable.

Photo:  eTechPhoto

Photo: eTechPhoto

Given the fact that Rebecca isn’t doing traditional “track days” so to speak, this suit works perfectly for her. A race style suit wouldn’t benefit her further as far as protection since she isn’t attending ‘open’ track days to become competitive or drag knees. Body positioning is something that a 1 piece suit is optimized for but that might be further down the line for what Rebecca's trying to accomplish.

Depending on what you want to accomplish, this may not be your choice for a track based class, but it’s definitely a great choice. Especially for anyone searching for a fantastic, 2 piece women’s leather motorcycle riding suit that offers incredible protection on and off the street.

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