My brand spanking new pair of High Racer Gloves.

My brand spanking new pair of High Racer Gloves.

High racer women's gloves by racer gloves usa

  • $219.99 XS-XL, Colors: black, white

  • Cowhide and kangaroo leather construction

  • Teramid reinforcement for abrasion and heat resistance

  • Reinforced silicone padding for wear areas on the index and middle fingers, as well as the digital grip zones

  • Perforations between the fingers and above the knuckles and wriste

  • External stitching along the index, middle, ring and pinky fingers

  • Although there aren’t specific materials with touch sensitivity, I am able to utilize the kangaroo leather areas with my iPhone

  • Carbon fiber reinforcements along knuckles, fingers, wrist bones, palms

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Welcome to my first official gear video! This is an overview of the High Racer Gloves. I've only ridden in them for 8 miles, so check back in the Spring when I'm able to spend a few hundred miles riding for a comprehensive review. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video. Please post a comment below with any questions or concerns. Thanks for watching!