My Wishlist

Someone that I recently met on Facebook asked me recently what 2 piece outfits I'm shopping for, as I mentioned to her that I'm trying to rebuild my gear closet. Here's what's swirling around in my brain. (Forgive the terrible cell phone pics! Future photos will be on my newest toy)
1. Leather Jacket For my Dainese Firefly pants (Love them!) I'm a weird one, I wear my 2 piece leathers even in the summer. I just can't stand the idea of my flesh hitting hot, hot pavement. I'm also sticking to Dainese since I can't zip anything else to my pants. Which, is fine by me. And unless someone is willing to replace my pants with something else, I'm going to stick with them for now.

2. Winter Textile Jacket, waterproof. I'm torn between what REV'IT and Dainese have to offer right now. I really want a textile that's waterproof without the need for an additional liner. These are both such great options, I don't even know if it's worth buying a winter jacket yet since I'm going to be traveling every weekend through Mid March. But these are the two that I'm looking at right now:

    Dainese Xantum D-Dry Lady I'm wearing this jacket in the photos below with the Adina pants.

    REV'IT! Ventura Unfortunately this isn't available until mid February, so it might be pointless at that point.. I'll have to try it on and take a look at it to know for sure.

3. Textile Winter Pant. Not an overpant, but a non ventilated pant with an insulated liner.

Dainese probably offers the most variety that I've seen, of women's textile pants.