Motorcycle Racing Boots for Women

Motorcycle race boots women

Alpinestars S-MX Plus (The Supertech R is the next step up)
MSRP $349.95
Sizes Euro 36-48
Colors: Black, Black Vented, White, Black/Red, White/Black/Red/Yellow 

Unfortunately, no one is making a true motorcycle race boot for women. Although the Sidi Vertigo Leis are a strong street boot with great protection, they do not offer the one thing that stronger street/race boots offer: Torsion Control. 

One of the worst injuries a rider can have is twisting of the ankle, which can result in breaking any of the bones in your ankle/leg. Boots like the  S-MX Plus by Alpinestars offers an inner booty to keep the ankles protected on the inside (not removable) and reinforcement around the exterior of the ankles to ensure that they don't twist or bend from side to side in the case of an accident. 

These start at a size Euro 36, which would approximately be a woman's US 6. With the inner booty and the European fit, these would work well for a woman's foot as well, especially at the smaller sizes.

Mens motorcycle race boots that fit women

Dainese TRQ Out (the Torque Pro Out line is the next step up)
MSRP $299.95  
Sizes: Euro 39-47 

If you wear a women's 8.5-9, Dainese's TRQ Race Out (above) boots start in Euro 39.  Dainese boots tend to have a very narrow ankle and footbed. They are especially fitted above the arches and in the heel cups. I find that these two areas are the most important when fitting a woman's foot. Those two and the calves tend to be the hardest to fit. These do offer velcro adjusters at the calves.

Sidi Mens Motorcycle Boots for WomenSidi mens motorcycle boots for women

Sidi Vortice                              Sidi ST (based on the former Vertigo Corsa)
MSRP $495                             MSRP $395
Sizes: Euro 39-48                   Sizes: Euro 39-48 

The Sidi Vortice's and the Sidi ST's have large calf adjusters, (the ST offers the most calf space), but have more room in the heels. This can be resolved with a heel insert to allow for a more snug fit.  The Vortices do offer additional adjustment above the arches, to make for a more snug fit too. These also both offer torsion control on the outside of the boot (no removable booty), as this is the way Sidi designs their torsion control systems to work. Both have shock absorbing heel cups, sliders, and venting. These also both start in a Euro 39. A Sidi 39 is also approximate to a women's 8.5-9. 

Remember that you can always add insoles or heel cups to make your boots fit better, regardless of the manufacturer.

The above boots are all made for men, but I think given the fit adjusters and overall European fitment makes them great choices for women riders as well.