Vertigo Lei

Alpinestars SMX-6 Womens Motorcycle Boots

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As much as I adore my Sidis, I had to change my boots recently due to a change in the size of my tiny feet. 

When your feet are size US 6.5 / Euro 36 (Euro 37 for really narrow shoes), there aren't many options for truly protective motorcycle boots. When I say truly protective, I mean boots that have full ankle protection to keep your ankle from twisting like these from Dainese. For me, these are the best compromise to achieve a better fit and still have a higher level of protection.

My Sidis (size 37) offer lots of impact protection. And in fact, I can attest to this by the accident I had 2 weeks ago where I lowsided due to hydraulic fuel in the entire right lane of a right hand curve. I only had bruising on my right foot. No broken bones or fractures. And that definitely saved my foot. I absolutely would buy another pair if my feet were just a half size larger!

gear damage 2 (2)


Somewhere in the last few years my feet have changed sizes slightly. I wear 2 different insoles in my Sidis because my ankles and heels are skinny. Without them my ankles and heels are swimming, and then my toes smush into the toebox and then I'm in pain. I also added a couple of foam pads to the inside of the boot above my ankle to further stabilize that area. I also have shorter slightly wider toes so the Alpinestars also give me a better fit in the toebox.

The SMX-6's  in a 36 fit much better, slightly shorter and more fitted and secure in the ankles/heels. It's a slight compromise since I lose some impact protection but gain a piece of ankle support on the outside of each boot (the long plastic looking piece running vertically along side the outside of my ankle).

I think these are going to work better for me, given how much better they fit my tiny feet. And for me, a really good fit has a slightly higher priority. If you're looking for a great summer boot, these are also available in a vented version!

I can't wait to test ride them this Sunday and on a nice long, weekend getaway. Stay tuned for a review.

Gear 101: What is Lorica?

Lorica Synthetic Leather

Lorica is synthetic leather. Manmade, and completely artificial! 

"Lorica is a hi-tech material created from a remarkable combination of extremely thin microfibres.  This interlacement of microfibers, soaked in special resins, has a microporous structure which is very similar to the collagen of natural skin.  This gives Lorica excellent softness, durability and breathability." -Sidi Care Brochure

Sidi, like many other brands such as Alpinestars and Dainese are incorporating Lorica in their street and race motorcycle boots.  You can't really tell the difference, as they look and feel just like boots made of cowhide. I would never know the difference just by looking. 

For some reason, I thought that Lorica wouldn't stretch out as much as cowhide, but it seems the opposite is true. 

In reviewing the Fusions, I found that they stretched out quite a bit. I'm looking forward to breaking in a new pair of Vertigo Leis, to see how much they give and perform, especially under hotter riding conditions. 


Sidi Vertigo Lei Women's Motorcycle Boots

Sidi Vertigo Lei Womens Motorcycle Boots

After having to send back the beloved Fusion Leis, I was thrilled to find out that I would get to review a pair of Vertigo Leis as well. So far, they fit a little wider at the ankles and aren't as skinny below the toeshifter.

A few differences between these and the Fusions: 

  • Stronger shock absorbing heel cup
  • Sidi's Tecno VR calf adjustment system for a fully adjustable calf fit. (great for going between textiles and leathers)

First impressions to come after about 200 miles this weekend. :)  

Sidi Motorcycle Boots for Women, 2012

The 2012 women's motorcycle boot collection from Sidi is out.  1 boot has been updated and there are 2 new additions to the line.

Vertigo Lei - Available now

Nothing has changed from the previous model, except NO more pink! Instead, they've updated the Lei with a nice modest black and white design. Personally, I think it's a great color update.

Livia Rain - Available January 20, 2011

The Livias are replacing the Jasmines, with an updated design and funny little bumps above your toes to improve grip when shifting.  They've also added some reflective material where you see what appears to be white fabric.

Sidi Fusion - Available March 8, 2011

The Fusions are a new boot that provide more protection than the Livias but not as aggressive as the Vertigo Leis.

The fit hasn't changed from any of the previous models, and their European size is pretty consistent. I'm typically a Euro 37 and the previous Vertigo Leis (pink/black) fit me great except in the calves.  Since they have an adjustable calf system, I think it's just me. :(

It's nice to see these updates from Sidi. They make great boots and offer so many options for men, I can't wait to try one of these out in person.

Update 1/10/2012 - I'll be getting a pair of these to review from Motonation soon!