Need "Bad Fit" Women's Gear Photos

To my fabulous female readers. I'm contributing to an article about women's gear fitment and need photos to illustrate "bad fit" for women's gear, especially jacket and pant photos.

Please <EMAIL> them to me.

For example, here's a pic of my saggy butt showing the worst pant fit ever. I have a very flat butt.

This was about 6-7 years ago when I lost a lot of weight (almost 20lbs) so when I tried on my pants after ~6 months this was the result.

(For reference, these were Revit Gear 2 Pants, now discontinued but the current version is called the Ignition 3)

Before they are used, I will email you and let you know.


Article Contribution; Helping Dealers Sell Gear to Women Riders

Shout to my girl Alisa Clickenger for featuring me in her article in November's edition of Motorcycle Powersports News

I shared my tips for success when trying to sell motorcycle gear to women. There are a few things you have to consider when thinking about what to carry, including sizes/fit and of course budget. 

You can address your riding community, you just have to get to know them first! 

Please share this with any dealers/shops you know that might need help with their selection of women's motorcycle gear. 

MPN_Apparel Pro Nov 2017.jpg

Article from about Women's Gear Options

I recently talked to the author of this article from about the increase in options for women's gear over the past decade.


There are many things we're not seeing in the growth of women's gear but it's nice to see more options surface, even if it doesn't necessarily work for 100% of the women riders out there. 

New Article in Motorcyclist Magazine

Thanks to twitter follower @eimken for snapping this pic of my very first article in Motorcyclist Magazine this month!

Just my $0.02 on how to shop for gear and why it's so damn hard for women to find what they're looking for. It's available on the digital edition for your iPad or iPhone, as well as newsstands of course.

Shifting Gears at 50, a new book


Earlier this year I was asked to contribute a sidebar about gear for a book aimed at older riders who are just getting into riding or trying to jump back in after a long absence. It's been published and somewhere in these pages, you'll find a photo of me and some words of wisdom about shopping for gear.

My friend Walt Fulton also contributed a significant portion of the content of this book as well. Go Walt!

The publishers of Shifting Gears (Bowtie Press) is also the name behind Proficient Motorcycling.

Review: Biker Net Baggers

Where to Buy:

Black Girls Ride Magazine

Black Girls Ride Magazine I'm excited to announce that I'll be a contributing editor to BlackGirlsRide Magazine.

"Black Girls Ride is not an exclusive racial statement, rather its an inclusive celebration of all women of color who live to ride. It’s the positive, fearless, unapologetic, take charge attitude we exhibit on these machines, as we navigate the streets of our respective cities. We live the urban biker lifestyle, we work in board rooms and classrooms across the nation, and we find joy on the open road."

As a woman of color, I'm thrilled to be a part of this Movement! Look for my first contribution in their June or July issue, in their Tech Savvy column.  Stay tuned for announcements when my first article is published.