Great Bag for Riding Your Motorcycle at Night

timbuk2_custom_bag_reflective I was driving home earlier tonight and I passed quite a few bicyclists who were not only riding down a one way street in the wrong direction, but also wearing absolutely NOTHING that made them noticeable at night. Argh. I try to look out for anyone on two wheels but it's definitely not easy when they're practically wearing all black. Scary.

I love my custom Timbuk2 bag, which I specifically chose reflective material for. It's also 100% waterproof and the perfect size. If you go to their website, you can customize it based on fit and laptop size. Lots of colors and fabrics to choose from too. You can even go ALL reflective! The material is day and night reflective, and sticks out like a sore thumb at night.

Ride Safe and Reflective!




Women's Motorcycle Boots for 2014

alpinestars_stella_smx6_womens Awhile ago I wrote a blog post with recommended motorcycle boots for women. I'm updating that post by adding 4 New boots for women for 2014. 2 of these are updated versions and the other 2 are new altogether.

These are strictly updated versions of boots mentioned in that post. I've left out ones that haven't changed.

Alpinestars Stella S-MX 6

(Keep in mind that 'Stella' is just Alpinestars label for the women's line. Everything is Stella this or Stella that. The actual name of the boot is the S-MX 6.)

The S-MX 6 above is the update to the popular S-MX 5. They've actually a nice upgrade in terms of protection with a torsion control system along the ankle to help prevent accidental twisting. Much more in line with the higher level race boots that Alpinestars makes. Of course, if you're looking for full race protection (achilles heel, stronger sliders, more shock absorption in the heels, etc.) then you should stick to something stronger like the S-MX Plus or SuperTech R's, which actually work well for women with slender feet/ankles. Previous versions of the S-MX Plus are also currently on closeout.

Dainese Svelta GORE-TEX


The Svelta is slightly different from it's big sister the Siren, because it has a narrower calf space with the higher inner zipper. I didn't like the Siren myself, because the calf space was too generous for me. So if you liked the Siren but found it a little bulky, I think you'll like Svelta. And it also has the wonderful GORE-TEX breathable membrane. Keep in mind that Dainese has a narrower toe box and tapers inward along the pinky toe.


Sidi Apex Lei


The Apex Lei is the shorter version of the Vertigo Lei.  If you like the idea of a shorter street boot with maximum protection, this is the way to go. If you missed my review of the Vertigo, you can read it here. The fit will also be the same as the Vertigo Lei.

Gaerne Rose


You may also have seen photos of the new Gaerne Black Rose (left) recently that look different from the previous version (right). There are no differences, except the new girly design along the inner ankle. Still one of my favorite city boots to ride in.

Sidi Verona Lei


The Verona is a really simple city or touring boot. Basically a lower profile version of the Livia Rain. Fully waterproof, but half height. Particularly nice if you have trouble finding wider calf motorcycle boots.

And of course, you can find all of these boots at :)

Riding motorcycles with long hair

helmet hedz long hair women motorcycles helmets

I don't have long hair, but even I can tell how useful this product would be if you ride motorcycles.

I used to have long hair though, well before my motorcycle career. And I do remember the and discomfort that came with leaving my hair in a braid all day or tied up somehow. I can't imagine how uncomfortable that would be under a helmet.

So, if this is a problem that you've been having or you have long hair and just don't know what to do with all of it when you ride, try out this cool product. I'd totally try it if I needed it! :D

Where to Buy

Helmet Hed, $19.99 in various colors/patterns, one size fits all Store:


Streaming live, Motorcycle Gear 101

womens motorcycle gear seminar information how to shop fit features protection

Join me for a Gear Seminar in San Francisco 

Tonight! Monday, February 25, 2013

6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern

Piston and Chain Motorcycle Club

Follow along with me by downloading a copy of my Shopping Tips

I'll be at Piston and Chain motorcycle club in San Francisco to share my knowledge, passion and love for motorcycle gear. Basically it'll be an in person overview of my shopping tips and gear 101. Samples (courtesy of Scuderia West) will be shown from my friends at REV'IT, Alpinestars, and Dainese. Of course, I'll be bringing ALL women's gear. This isn't a women's specific seminar, I'm simply bringing goodies for women to ogle and look at it since well, most women will never see this many samples in one place :)

And I'll be streaming it LIVE on Youtube! If you can't make it, it'll be available to watch/download afterwards!

At 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, log onto and you'll see the link for the live video. Fingers crossed for zero technical difficulties. See you then. 

PS, for those of you who show up in person, a small token of appreciation will be handed out courtesy of Scuderia West. 


New Jackets from Roland Sands Design

Roland Sands Design Womens Leather Vintage Classic Motorcycle Jacket

If you've been looking for a real women's leather motorcycle jacket with a true vintage look and feel (and armor pockets) look no more. RSD has not one, but two jackets for women coming out soon. 

The Maven

We've been carrying the men's version of this jacket (the Ronin) at Scuderia for awhile now and they're absolutely gorgeous. I think it's one of the best casual style leather jackets I've seen. The details are beautiful and they have such a clean, sexy vintage look.  (Pictured above from their Instagram account)

The initial color offerings will be black and tobacco, and possibly a deep red or deep cream (Oooohhh). They're still figuring things out, but the color options sound fantastic. If the Maven is anything like the men's Ronin, it'll feel light and super comfortable. The leather on the Ronin is only 1.1mm so I'd highly recommend this as an option for local riding only, not long distance commuting or touring. 

There are no removable liners and it's definitely not waterproof. They also feature armor pockets, ready to accept armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. (Thank you RSD!) I cannot wait to see this one in person! 

One really nice touch that you can't see is the rich silk lining. It's a pretty gold color. 

The Maven is due out in October / early November. 

Maven Women's Roland Sands Leather Vintage Cafe Motorcycle Jacket


The Vada

Vada Wax Cotton Women's Roland Sands Motorcycle Jacket

The Vada is a wax cotton version of the Maven. The men's version is the Tracker. The Vada will also offer pockets for armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. There are no removable liners and it's definitely not waterproof.

If the Vada is at all like the Tracker, it's also going to have a beautiful silk lining to give it that really rich, luxurious look and feel. I love wax cotton jackets. Something about the feel is so classic, motorcycle sexy. 

I'd also recommend this only as an option for local riding only, not long distance commuting or touring, due to the nature of the wax cotton. Although I certainly haven't crashed in one, nor have I seen anyone but if you have, please let me know how it holds up. I'd be curious to see...

This one is going to be made available later this winter in December / January. Will post pics as soon as I see this one as well.