Episode 2: Leather v. Textile

(Above: Rokker Black Women's Jacket)

In this episode, it's just me to give you some things to think about when trying to decide between leather and textile. 

Not all gear is the same and there are a lot of factors to consider if you're trying to choose between the two. 

I hope you find these points to be useful and food for thought as you navigate the gear world to decide what's best for You and what's worth compromising and what isn't. 

In future episodes, I'll dive a little deeper into detail with regards to each one and how to choose the best leather or textile for you. 

Artwork by:  Boggytown   Music: "Life Is Good" by  Joystock

Artwork by: Boggytown

Music: "Life Is Good" by Joystock

Episode 1: A Conversation with TCX Boots USA

It's here!!

My first interview / conversation with my friend Michael "Tex" Mawby, Director of Sales & Marketing for TCX Boots USA. We cover their infamous riding sneaker, CE Certifications and not boot related but why do I have old leather jackets in my closet?  

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(Apologies for the first 10 minutes of audio, and Tex's audio since I called him on his cell phone. I also had to cut out some of my feedback to his remarks in the first 10 minutes because my audio was just so low. I hope you enjoy our convo!)


Artwork: Boggytown

Music: "Life is Good", Joystock