Episode 7: Wearing Motorcycle Gear in the Summer

Revit Eclipse Jacket available for women and men

Revit Eclipse Jacket available for women and men

Updated: 7/30, my first upload didn’t go quite right. Ep 7 is now working! It must have been really hot because I called this #8. But it’s only Episode 7!

In this episode, I’m going to mainly focus on mesh riding gear and what to look for when figuring out what kind of mesh is right for you. I’ll also tell you where you should never have mesh for more protection, as well as what kinds of questions you want to ask yourself so that you find something that works for you.

You’ll also find out how to stay a little more comfortable by wearing base layers.


I’ll also give you some of my favorite ,mesh gear options for men and women and how wearing gear keeps you cooler!


Artwork by: Boggytown

Music: "Life Is Good" by Joystock