Dainese Ladies Cage Leather Jacket

Mines Road - Pleasanton, CA My first leather jacket was a Dainese Scud (discontinued). It took me a long time to fall in love with that jacket, because it was my first leather one and it just felt so uncomfortable.  I had a textile Vanson that I wore every day and it was just so hard for me to change over from that comfy textile to the stiffer leather. After a year or two of sitting in the closet collecting dust, I finally broke it in by wearing it daily for a couple months.  After that, it felt like second skin.  Unfortunately I realized later on that it wasn't the best cut for my body shape. A little too boxy and overly generous in the bust!

The Cage however, fits me much better. The shapes can vary across the various styles that Dainese makes. This one is great for those of us with shorter torsos and slightly wide waist. I don't really have hips, but if I did, the little hip zips above each hip would help the jacket fit over them just fine. The leather felt fully broken in and it hasn't stretched out very much.

This latest acquisition is one of the best fitting jackets I've ever worn.  What I really liked about this one is not only the color scheme, but the textile panels along the sides of the torso.  Luckily, Dainese hasn't changed their zipper system since I bought my Firefly Pants, so these zip easily to those as well.

Unfortunately, I've already torn a small hole along the zipper on the left pocket. Woops. A quick trip to Johnson Leathers should easily fix that.

The Cage is priced moderately at $429 (low for a Dainese) and even accommodates both or my TPro back protectors (insert and external).

I'm still experimenting with riding in different temperatures with this jacket so I won't have a review until I ride in 90 degree heat.