Magnetic Tankbag with Hydration

Motocentric MotoTrek 14 Liter Magnetic Tank Bag Hydration Bladder


Featuring an optional hydration bladder, it seems like the perfect companion for long distance, hot weather rides. 

MSRP: $79.99

Where to Buy: 

I like the idea of a small front access pocket like this one has, as well as the optional hydration bladder. It also comes with backpack straps, a waterproof cover, mounting straps in case you don't have a magnetic tank, and a rain cover. For this model, you have to buy the bladder separately ($14.99). But if you buy the 19 Liter version, it's included for the same price. 

I'll be trying this bag out around town, on short rides and my last weekend trip of the year to Horizons Unlimited next month.