Icebreaker Baselayer on Sale now thru August 12th

icebreaker wool baselayers sale

30% OFF - Icebreakers are one of the best all around baselayers on the market. Lightweight merino wool that's exceptionally breathable and comfortable.  If you're looking for something to wear in extreme hot, cold and/or everything in between, try Icebreaker.,en,sc.html

They offer a lot of different options in terms of fitments and styles. Generally speaking, they go by weights. 

  • 160 grams - ultra lightweight, the lightest baselayer you can wear. It's so light it's see through, so be sure to wear a tshirt over if you're going running or what not. 
  • 200 grams - midweight, the best layer for a little of everything in the mid range of temperatures
  • 260 grams - heavyweight, the best layer for fall/winter temperatures

They offer a wide variety of fitments for different body types (something I certainly appreciate). These are the various types I've been able to decipher. Apparently they have a really large selection of styles. 

  • Siren, Oasis: narrower, longer fitment; seems best for longer torsos
  • Everyday: slightly wider, less narrow fit
  • Bodyfit: a little more curvy, not as narrow/lean


Stay tuned for a full review of these layers on the Moterrific Podcast.