Icebreaker Baselayer on Sale now thru August 12th

icebreaker wool baselayers sale

30% OFF - Icebreakers are one of the best all around baselayers on the market. Lightweight merino wool that's exceptionally breathable and comfortable.  If you're looking for something to wear in extreme hot, cold and/or everything in between, try Icebreaker.,en,sc.html

They offer a lot of different options in terms of fitments and styles. Generally speaking, they go by weights. 

  • 160 grams - ultra lightweight, the lightest baselayer you can wear. It's so light it's see through, so be sure to wear a tshirt over if you're going running or what not. 
  • 200 grams - midweight, the best layer for a little of everything in the mid range of temperatures
  • 260 grams - heavyweight, the best layer for fall/winter temperatures

They offer a wide variety of fitments for different body types (something I certainly appreciate). These are the various types I've been able to decipher. Apparently they have a really large selection of styles. 

  • Siren, Oasis: narrower, longer fitment; seems best for longer torsos
  • Everyday: slightly wider, less narrow fit
  • Bodyfit: a little more curvy, not as narrow/lean


Stay tuned for a full review of these layers on the Moterrific Podcast.


Sexy but not Slutty, Motorcycle Shirts

womens motorcycle shirts triumph tiger pretty classy sexy


Thanks to my friend Moto Lady, I found Bryan's shop on Etsy where he's whipping out cool vintage car and motorcycle shirts for men and women! It's so refreshing to see cool tees that aren't pink, half cropped, tight as hell and too skimpy to wear without looking desperate.

I love what Bryan is doing and am hoping to partner with him to push out some killer GearChic tees. Stay tuned and in the meantime, check out what else he has going on in his shop. If you're a classic car fan, you'll love some of the tributes to Dodge, Nissan, BMW and more.

I just picked up this little number from his shop too. SO cute. All of his shirts have limited runs, so be sure to grab one as soon as you see it.

classic motorcycle shirts women cool vintage

Etsy Listing.

Etsy Store, Spectre Apparel 

Motorcycle Gift Idea, Cool Moto Tees

motorcycle tshirts baja vintage cool Iron and Resin Garage motorcycle womens shirt

I was down in Southern California recently and visited a new shop in downtown Ventura called the Iron and Resin Garage. I have to admit, it was like walking into a hipster motorcycle shop. 

But they did have some cool men's and women's tees so naturally I had to take one home (above right). Unfortunately their website  doesn't have any of the women's tops listed. Hopefully they'll add those to the site soon. This was the only women's moto top that I really liked, riding a moto myself. 

Of course, they have a ton of nifty men's tees for that moto man in your life. 

Iron and Resin Garage

Hot weather baselayers

I've been wanting to get proper hot weather motorcycle base layers for awhile now.  

I've been lusting after the LD Comfort outfit, but just didn't want to spend that much.

So I opted for KLIM's less expensive alternative. I'm hoping that if the women's base layers are as good as alllll the other KLIM gear that we carry, then I shouldn't be disappointed by this outfit. The reason why motorcycle specific baselayers are a little better than your average hiking/camping/outdoor layers, is that the seam construction is minimal.

I currently wear Adidas running pants for hot weather, and the one thing that bugs the crap out of me is all the seams behind the knees and along the legs. Not a big deal when you're running/walking, but definitely a big deal when you're sitting, especially in heat. They're also 3/4 length and stop at my calves.

For the top, I wear a cheap long sleeve running shirt that also has seams up and down my forearms. I can feel them rubbing against my skin, especially under my jacket. 

The shirt and pants are $39.99 each. Not bad, and the same price as Under Armor's Heat Gear. (Ok, to be honest, I do get a good discount since I work for a Klim dealer. And I can't get a discount on LD Comfort. But I do believe in KLIM's products and think this outfit will be almost as good).  

I'll be testing this outfit next weekend, on a girl's only long weekend ride up north, as well as my 2 other trips this summer to Carson City and Lake Tahoe. Can't wait!


Klim Solstice Shirt and Pants for Women 

Where to Buy:
Colors: White, Black
Sizes: XS-2XL
Cost: $39.99 each 

Personal recommendations for Baselayers for Summer

I would love your personal recommendations for what kind of moisture wicking baselayers you wear under your gear for hot weather. I've been wearing a cheap running shirt but I'd like something stronger for hotter weather and longer rides.

I also wear Adidas running pants under my Dainese leathers (for mild and hot weather).

I'm leaning heavily towards LD Comfort baselayers, because of how well they wick moisture away from the body. Their demonstration of how the material is able to manage moisture is amazing.


Another reason I'm considering it is how seamless the shorts and pants are. I didn't choose my running pants very well because there are several seams on each buttcheek and I've found out the hard way recently, how uncomfortable the chafing can be um, down there. (blush)

If you're not wearing a moisture managing baselayer under your gear for summer, you're missing out on a key piece of material to help your body stay cool and manage the sweat. And I guarantee that the better the baselayer, the more comfortable your gear will be.

Instead of foregoing your gear, how about adding a baselayer so you can be comfortable and ride safe too?

So what brand(s) do you wear under your gear in the summer, and why?

Last Minute Gift Ideas

(For men And women!) Some of these may be a little too last minute, but maybe they'll give you an idea for what to get someone for an upcoming birthday or other special gift giving event.

Motorcycle tees:

Winter riding accessories:

  • BODZ Performance Base Layers. These are ideal for people who ride in chilly winter temps. These act as second skin, managing your body temperature, wicking moisture as needed and insulating when it's cold. Its breathable, comfortable and lightweight. The arms and legs are a little longer on purpose, so if you know someone who may have trouble finding baselayers long enough, these will be ideal.
  • Fleece neck warmer. Perfect for those chilly rides home late at night.
  • Givi T451 Easy Bag BackPack $58 This bag actually holds a full face helmet! Extremely useful, especially if she doesn't have any secure luggage on the bike to store one.
  • Kriega Stash Wallet $18 Such a useful looking wallet. Especially if she's a traveler and doesn't like to carry a purse while riding. I may just have to get this little number myself!
  • Kriega R15 (waterproof) Backpack $109 This backpack is fully waterproof, and can be combined with a number of Kriega's other rucksacks to make a larger, more flexible pack. It's also fairly small and well suited for a small person under 5'5" due do its size and compact fit.


  • DannaBand
  • $8 - $17 each
  • Women's and Girl's sizing (both are one size fits all)
  • Custom and Sport fabrics

HelmetHair. It's a never ending battle. For many women with long hair, it's always a struggle. You either have to braid it, wear it in a pony tail, wear a bandanna, a long head scarf, or some other contraption to keep it all under control under your helmet. That's one of the main reasons why I keep my hair short. Other than how much I love the way I look! It helps minimize the HelmetHair. But I still have the problem of taking off my helmet and then seeing the patterns of my EPS liner imprinted on my head. I don't think there is a cure 100% of the time, but the founder of DannaBand has tried to come up with a solution to help win the war against HelmetHair. I've worn balaclavas, bandannas and head wraps. By far, the DannaBand is the most comfortable, (and the cutest!) accessory I've tried. I also had a fellow female rider say that she enjoys the feel of letting her hair out after she gets off the bike and takes off her helmet. There's something truly sexy about seeing a woman get off of her sportbike, take off her helmet, and see all the beautiful, gorgeous hair flowing behind her. It's certainly a mystique of the 'Biker' look. (I'm no biker, btw, I'm more of a motorcyclist. But that's a different, much longer post for later). If you share this opinion, I think the DannaBand is something that would work since it doesn't fully cover up or constrict your hair, but will manage it under the helmet while keeping your locks flowing freely in the wind behind you.

I normally wear a regular bandanna under my motorcycle helmet and was asked to try out the DannaBand instead. I'm happy to report that I love it and prefer it over my 2 bandannas. The process of tying it and retying it is annoying for me, and I love the ease of on and off.  It just slips on over your hair with very little effort.  The band is also elastic (fully covered in the fabric of your choice), and should adjust to fit all head shapes and sizes. It's not super tight, but not super loose. It tends to come off when I take off the helmet. I don't want something that tight wrapped around my head anyways.

Aside from the plethora of patterns that you can order from the website, you can also submit your own fabric and have them make a band out of that instead! They even have a Sport line, made with moisture wicking materials.  I went with the Blue Zen Flower pattern and really like the way it looks and feels.

I have short hair so it's far less of a problem under my helmet than it is for many of you with long hair, but I still have occasional helmet hair.  I will say that this band helps me manage HelmetHair about 90% of the time. It's only when I leave with my hair a little wet that it'll come out looking super funky.  But I don't think that's the fault of DannaBand, or any bandanna for that matter. Unfortunately, because my hair is so short in the back, the band is always showing. If you have long hair, it will be hidden at the base of your neck. But for me, any kind of bandanna will look funky from the back.   So my only wish is that it had a smaller, thinner elastic band. But even with this detail, I still think it's a better option. I think the DannaBand would be great for any woman who is active and would like something to help manage her hair while she's bicycling, jogging, or whatever, will find the DannaBand useful as well.

If you're looking for something that isn't as long as a Buff, but not a bandanna, I suggest you check out the DannaBand as an option.

I'll be posting this on my Reviews page next week along with more photos.