Sexy but not Slutty, Motorcycle Shirts

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Thanks to my friend Moto Lady, I found Bryan's shop on Etsy where he's whipping out cool vintage car and motorcycle shirts for men and women! It's so refreshing to see cool tees that aren't pink, half cropped, tight as hell and too skimpy to wear without looking desperate.

I love what Bryan is doing and am hoping to partner with him to push out some killer GearChic tees. Stay tuned and in the meantime, check out what else he has going on in his shop. If you're a classic car fan, you'll love some of the tributes to Dodge, Nissan, BMW and more.

I just picked up this little number from his shop too. SO cute. All of his shirts have limited runs, so be sure to grab one as soon as you see it.

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Etsy Listing.

Etsy Store, Spectre Apparel 

New GearChic Shirts

2012 AMA Women MOtorcycling Conference  

I've finally uploaded a copy of this design of my cute gearchic top . If you're looking for a soft, slouchy top to wear and flaunt my website where everyone will definitely be looking, it'll only cost you $31.90! 

Another view from MotoGP, 2011. I'm wearing a navy blue one in medium in these photos. In the first pic, I'm about 15 lbs lighter so the top is even looser than before. The sizing is very generous. If you order a small, it'll be a small/medium since it has a nice wide fit in the torso and a loose boatneck. It's not too wide at the neck to wear it'll sit on the ends of your shoulders (unless you order a size up), but it has a nice flattering neckline. 

I've also uploaded an additional color option in heather gray with a white logo:


Store Link:

Price: $31.90 (actual price, no markup!)

Sizes: S-XL

Hot weather baselayers

I've been wanting to get proper hot weather motorcycle base layers for awhile now.  

I've been lusting after the LD Comfort outfit, but just didn't want to spend that much.

So I opted for KLIM's less expensive alternative. I'm hoping that if the women's base layers are as good as alllll the other KLIM gear that we carry, then I shouldn't be disappointed by this outfit. The reason why motorcycle specific baselayers are a little better than your average hiking/camping/outdoor layers, is that the seam construction is minimal.

I currently wear Adidas running pants for hot weather, and the one thing that bugs the crap out of me is all the seams behind the knees and along the legs. Not a big deal when you're running/walking, but definitely a big deal when you're sitting, especially in heat. They're also 3/4 length and stop at my calves.

For the top, I wear a cheap long sleeve running shirt that also has seams up and down my forearms. I can feel them rubbing against my skin, especially under my jacket. 

The shirt and pants are $39.99 each. Not bad, and the same price as Under Armor's Heat Gear. (Ok, to be honest, I do get a good discount since I work for a Klim dealer. And I can't get a discount on LD Comfort. But I do believe in KLIM's products and think this outfit will be almost as good).  

I'll be testing this outfit next weekend, on a girl's only long weekend ride up north, as well as my 2 other trips this summer to Carson City and Lake Tahoe. Can't wait!


Klim Solstice Shirt and Pants for Women 

Where to Buy:
Colors: White, Black
Sizes: XS-2XL
Cost: $39.99 each 

Tshirts, Take 2

Finally. Tshirt #2.

I wish I could churn these out every week.

These are from the same brand (Alternative Apparel) and style (vintage) as my previous tee. It's soft, stretchy and ridiculously low cut in the front. :) If you're not a low cut tee kind of gal you can always wear a little camisole underneath.

$24.00 (includes free USPS 1st class shipping)
Size: s, m, l, xl (I'm wearing a medium)

Drop me a line if you would like to order one! Or use this link to paypal me at

Motorcycle Show and TShirts

Well it's been a busy December. I have new shirts ready to go, but haven't had time to take any pictures of them!! How bad is that?

Well if you want to see them and possibly get one (for $24) at the International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo, CA this weekend, I'll be in the HUB giving a seminar on "Dress for the Ride". Basically I'll be giving my advice on what you should be wearing when you ride and some shopping tips while looking for gear.

I hope to meet lots of you! Tonight is ladies night, half off admission!! I'll be speaking at the following times this weekend:

Friday (tonight) 6:30-7:00pm
Saturday 3:30pm-4:00pm
Sunday 12:00-12:30pm

Tshirts, Take 2

Well I've finally started on a new idea for the next round of shirts. I think this one is definitely better than the last one. My designer and I are still finalizing the graphic, but this will give you a good idea of what I've been up to:

I'm hoping to get this on a dark gray, vneck tee like this one :

I thought it would be a good idea to go in a simpler direction this time around. I have to give big thanks to my friend, Aleks for helping me design this. If you need a wonderful designer and illustrator, please let her know!

Let me know your thoughts!

Tshirts $$ Reduced and New Love

I've reduced the price to $24.00 (includes free first class mail)! I'm trying to get a new design going, but can't do that until these are gone.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Email me with your address and size!

Ok, now onto new love. My newest crush is on this jacket:

Rev'it Pearl ($310 US):

She looks much better in person and on the upper half of my body! It has a full removable liner and what you can sort of see is the flap in front that goes over the front zipper so as to keep the water and wind out. Oh yes. I like the light gray one as well. Not sure how well I could keep that clean. I'm looking to replace the unisex Rev'it jacket that I bought 3 years ago. It has served me well, numerous trips down South and keeping me warm in the city and around the Bay Area. It's fully waterproof (built into the outer shell) but I always feel like the michelin man when I wear it. It doesn't taper at all at the waist and I have to cinch it tighter, which makes it a little poofier up top than I'd like. No matter how tightly I secure the neck (velcro strap), I always manage to get air down the front of my chest. Which is the last place you want a windtunnel to be forming while going down the freeway at 70mph.

A good textile jacket should hug you in all the right places. If you have to cinch it down all the way at the waist to fit you, then you need a slightly more fitted jacket, or the next size down. This is already an XS (Unisex, not women's).

Hopefully I'll have this jacket soon and can take some before/after pics.