Hot weather baselayers

I've been wanting to get proper hot weather motorcycle base layers for awhile now.  

I've been lusting after the LD Comfort outfit, but just didn't want to spend that much.

So I opted for KLIM's less expensive alternative. I'm hoping that if the women's base layers are as good as alllll the other KLIM gear that we carry, then I shouldn't be disappointed by this outfit. The reason why motorcycle specific baselayers are a little better than your average hiking/camping/outdoor layers, is that the seam construction is minimal.

I currently wear Adidas running pants for hot weather, and the one thing that bugs the crap out of me is all the seams behind the knees and along the legs. Not a big deal when you're running/walking, but definitely a big deal when you're sitting, especially in heat. They're also 3/4 length and stop at my calves.

For the top, I wear a cheap long sleeve running shirt that also has seams up and down my forearms. I can feel them rubbing against my skin, especially under my jacket. 

The shirt and pants are $39.99 each. Not bad, and the same price as Under Armor's Heat Gear. (Ok, to be honest, I do get a good discount since I work for a Klim dealer. And I can't get a discount on LD Comfort. But I do believe in KLIM's products and think this outfit will be almost as good).  

I'll be testing this outfit next weekend, on a girl's only long weekend ride up north, as well as my 2 other trips this summer to Carson City and Lake Tahoe. Can't wait!


Klim Solstice Shirt and Pants for Women 

Where to Buy:
Colors: White, Black
Sizes: XS-2XL
Cost: $39.99 each