Gently Used Plus Size Women’s Motorcycle Gear from Revit and Klim

My good friend  Alisa Clickenger,  is selling her gently used Revit Levante and Airwave Suit

My good friend Alisa Clickenger, is selling her gently used Revit Levante and Airwave Suit

My good friend Alisa is selling two awesome, gently used adventure suits that need a new home!

She’s about 5’10”, so both of these suits are great if you need a taller, plus size option. You can find her on Facebook through Women’s Motorcycle Tours and through her personal Facebook Profile.

If you have questions about sizing, just comment below or message her directly through the facebook links above.

Happy Shopping!

Rev’it Levante and Airwave 1 Pants, Size 46 (Location: Southern CA):

The Levante is now discontinued :( If you google you can find old reviews for them online. It was a fantastic jacket that I could fit 80% of the women who walked in the door. You’ll especially love these suits if you’re taller and need longer sleeves, waists and legs.

Klim Artemis Jacket, 2X and Pants, Size 14

This is Klim’s flagship adventure suit for women who are riding everywhere and anywhere from the pouring rain to the dry deserts.

IMS San Mateo and Long Beach

Well I've been trying to get back on the IMS show circuit this year, but was only partially successful. I am thrilled to announce that I'll be working 2 booths at the San Mateo show this year, the 'Women and Motorcycling' and 'Club Connection booths. As in previous years, Friday is half off for ladies only! A coupon will be made available on the link below, so keep checking the IMS site. I've also been asked to go Long Beach to work the 'Women and Motorcycling' booth there as well. I'm so excited to go to the largest IMS on the West Coast!! So if you're going to be in either city, come see me at this booth where I'll be giving Gear talks and chatting about motorcycling to everyone who stops by. I'll also be available to answer all your gear related questions!

The Hub will also be presented again as last year, but this time the IMS decided to give us ladies a much larger booth and the ability to give our own seminars just for US!  Sometimes, women like hearing these things from fellow women riders. Otherwise, it can feel like just another man telling you what do. ;)

SAN MATEO: Fri 11/20 6pm-9pm: Women and Motorcycling

Sat 11/21 1pm-4pm: Women and Motorcycling 4pm-8pm: Club Connection

Sun 11/22 12pm-3pm: Women and Motorcycling, giving gear talks

Info about San Mateo:

LONG BEACH Women and Motorcycling booth: Fri 12/4 6pm-9pm Sat 12/5 1pm-4pm Sun 12/6 12pm-3pm

Info about Long Beach:

And, if you're looking for a coupon that's good for $3 off ANY Cycle World International Motorcycle Show this season, then you've come to the right place! I'm giving out coupons left and right. If you're lucky enough to see me in person, just ask me and I'll whip em' out. But if you don't live nearby and would still like coupons, simply sign up for my newsletter, and then email me with an address to send them to and how many coupons you need (limit 10 per person). Each coupon is also good for one (1) free gift when you present it at the show. And the coupons have a discount code that can be used for online ticket purchases too!   Each coupon is only valid with the purchase of one (1) day adult ticket.

I only have a limited number of coupons, so the sooner you sign up, the better. See you there!!